Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Satelite News Gathering(SNG) Consulting in Africa

Satellite news gathering (SNG) is the use of mobile communications equipment for the purpose of worldwide news casting. Mobile units are usually vans equipped with advanced, two-way audio and video transmitters and receivers, using dish antennas that can be aimed at geostationary satellites.

A modern DSNG van is a sophisticated affair, capable of deployment practically anywhere in the civilized world. Signals are beamed between a geostationary satellite and the van, and between the satellite and a control room run by a broadcast station or network. In the most advanced systems, Internet Protocol (IP) is used

Due to the need for breaking news coverage and the continuous presence of international media agencies in Africa, i have established good business relationships with companies that render SNG Hiring services, in addition to that, i also handpicked best operators, camera and editing crews that makes a good team.
Recently, my international clients that have enjoyed my services during the last world economic summit and Nigeria Presidential handover has commended my effort and are advising that establishing an Africa best practice in this field lies with me.

I wish to assure my existing clients and those that may need my services in the near future that hiring and using an SNG in Nigeria and other countries in Africa is completely possible
Send me an equiry email and i will arrange what you want
Thank You
Ugwuja George

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Event Photography and Video Coverage

Ugwuja George executing a Photo/Video Job for Bayelsa State Government
The dimension of Event Photo and Video Production has dynamically changed with the emergence of High Definition DSLR Cameras.
Starting from events such as Wedding Photography and Video production, i have been able to conquer the challenges associated with outdoor photography with very good full frame Telephoto lenses that i don't have to be walking around the stage or distracting the audience.
After the shoot of my client's Photo and Video Job, it takes me less than 24 hours to design and print the photo books which comes in different sizes depending on what my clients want.
One page of the Photobook design of Enugu PDP Rally

Considering my level of exposure in Event Photography and Video Production, i have also trained Wedding Photographers in Abuja, Photojournalists and Cinematographers.

To hire me or any of my crew for your upcoming event kindly call +2348038843041 or send an enquiry email to

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Use of Digital Media for Advocacy in Nigera

Bomb Explosion Scene, Emabs Plaza, Wuse 2, Abuja-Nigeria. 25th June 2014
As a Cinematographer in a developing Nation like Nigeria, I have had great fun as a working professional. last time i wrote how i enjoyed roasted snail delicacies and the fisherman soup.
But today, due to my quest to deliver high definition footage to media agencies and to also insist in best practice with respect to the strength and integrity of Nigeria, i moved hastily to a Bomb explosion scene at Emabs Plaza, Wuse 2 Abuja with my 5D Mark. It was not just the goose pimples that made me want to shed tears, yes, phone calls from my family also touched me. but the worst of it all was when i imagined what harm ignorance can cause the world. As a Media Consultant, i want to sincerely recommend the use of Digital Media and Mobile Technology for Advocacy and Campaigns.
The Educational sector has done much to include Social relationships and culture as part of Educational Curriculum. That is commendable. The religious Institutions have either preached or instigated social crises. what more can we do but pray?. yet, i insist, when it comes to the strength of everyone. the Uuuuuuus! and the Iiiiii! . we need to put more effort as Nigerians, to improve our knowledge of the good and the Bad. to also use our profession to educate and encourage one another. With this, maybe i can take footage easily without shading tears, those tears mean a lot to every man. here they come again.  goodbye while i go back to my scripts, cameras, lenses, cranes my world of visuals and sounds of history. Comerade.  Ugwuja George Odinakachi

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Photojournalism in Nigeria

My story of Photo Journalism is not something I can under emphasize, no never, but twinkles were the morning stars when viewed from a resting sea…the early morning sea of the south south zone of Nigeria. 

During my first experience, we sailed to Brass, a terrain I have never experienced in my entire life, scary sea foods i ate and off my passion for professional photography drove me. With a Senior Technical Assistant OSSAP-MDGs and other state PSU, I knew I was in good hands but once again, they are indigenous Bayelsa people that understands the Terrains better than I do,
Another day was just about sailings also and for three weeks we sailed until I became a better sailor, I started eating sharks also…I ate sharks because I conquered the sea just to shoot MDGs-CGS Success story.
The Niger Delta Region would be experiencing many gracious developments if not for the challenges of their aquatic terrains.
I visited the most remote villages and recorded success stories of MDGs Solar Boreholes and PHCs
I called TD
The Value of data I collected was enormous, and I was happy for the government.

I am not happy this time because I was paid to exercise my most lucrative profession, no never! i was happy because i saw awesome government interventions positively affecting the lives of community people.
The MDGs-CGS success story was a success, yes it was.
i have been going on field trips
i have been shooting documentaries,
i have eaten different species of fishes
but i have not had the kind of job satisfaction like i had during the shoots of  OSSAP-MDGs Success Story.

Ugwuja George

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tales of Nigeria-Biafra War

“To make Nigeria one is a task that must be done” he lowered his gaze, and tears slipped out of his left eye, I saw my father fighting to stop either the tears or the tales of a deadly civil war that claimed the life of his best friends.
He pointed at an old radio, which shows the words he said were from there,
He looked up to the sky, and the agony in his eyes explained how bullets flew.
there were killers, there were rapists, i could still see some bullet wounds healed but memorable.
though i wanted to hear the story, yet i could not bear the sight of my Fathers tears.
Oh yea war!
stay away from my people
stay away from Nigeria
stay away from Africa
and let my father's tears come with a smile of the achievements of his children
and not in any more remembrance of the lost world
a period of ignorance and pride
a time we are not ever going to see again
but not in violence and war
for we do not kill who we protect
we do not uproot a vine we water
a story i was supposed to tell
but sorry my father didn't say all
(This is to inform you all that i am conducting a research on Nigeria-Biafra war, talking to eye witnesses and retired soldiers, using the details to do a screenplay. we need good cinema films, it starts with this screenplay. to collaborate or produce this work, contact me)

Ugwuja George Odinakachi

Friday, June 21, 2013

The rising of Monacle

From the boom of Nigeria music industry, to the actualization of songs we can play. Songs that compete with that of the western world, yes we have arrived.

Nigerian circular songs were hitting the airways, but the Christian songs had questionable qualities.

We needed Christian songs that would wake the youth’s empire of celebration; we needed Nigerian Christian songs of appreciation. Something like what we have now.

The rising of Monacle is a breakthrough; the songs we wanted is here now.

Introducing ‘’so amazing’’. This track is one of the leading songs of Monacle that reflects appreciations, expectations and celebration. To him that is unique will always want his regards to go to someone…someone of great influence. Mostly, upcoming artistes choose great musicians that inspired them…some say its their Father…Monacle said God did it all and his expressions of surprised is lavished in this Track. So Amazing video is hitting the airways soon
Click this link to download and listen to the audio ‘’SO AMAZING’’